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Our Process for Lot Owners

If you need a lot, please see our Lot Acquisition Process.

Step 1: Schedule Your Stanley Martin Custom Homes Free Consultation

  • Schedule your meeting with Stanley Martin Custom Homes.  Contact us at 703.352.3000 or email us.  Watch Lot-Owner videos here.
  • Meet with John Jorgenson and Michael Schnitzer, President of Stanley Martin Custom Homes, to discuss your needs for a new home.
  • We will review the home building process, preview floor plans, customization, and discuss next steps.
  • We will work with you to evaluate tear down or empty lot’s suitability of building the home of your dreams.
  • Before this meeting, it is helpful to look for pictures of home exteriors that you find attractive.

Step 2: We customize your plan and review prices

  • We prepare your plan based on the information we gather from you at the first meeting
  • You review and give us your feedback via conference call on any adjustments that need to be made
  • We revise your plan and prepare pricing
  • At the second meeting, we review revised plan and pricing and answer any outstanding questions

Step 3: You enter into a contingent or non-contingent contract

  • You may sign a 30 day contingent contract that may be canceled at any time during the contingency period
  • Upon contingency removal, we will finalize your plans and selections and obtain permits
  • Once plans and selections are complete and permits are obtained, we begin construction on your home

Step 4: Contact Our Preferred Lender to Obtain Financing for a Construction Loan

Call Cheryl Freeman of the Cheryl Freeman Group at 703-217-7500 or visit Cheryl Freeman Group

You are not required to obtain your loan through our preferred lender.  You may use another lender as long as they are a member in good standing with the Mortgage Banker Association. Understanding the lending process is vital and will also help you establish a budget.

Step 5: Pre-Construction and Construction Meetings

  • You will meet with your Project Manager Pre-Construction to review what to expect during construction and review your plans and selections.
  • You will meet again during construction for Pre-Trade and Pre-Drywall orientations

Step 6: New Home Orientation

  • Verify quality standards throughout the home
  • Review the use of the systems within the home
  • Review warranty and service procedures

Step 7: Warranty and Follow Up

  • You submit your lists for 60-day and 9-month warranty visits
FREE Consultation For Lot Owners

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FREE Consultation for Lot Owners