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Lot Acquisition Process

For Owners Who Need a Building Lot. If you already own a lot, please visit our Our Process For Lot Owners page.

Step 1: Go to our Lot Acquisition Videos

  • See our Lot Acquisition Videos here.
  • Learn about the process and get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Step 2: Contact our Preferred Lender to Determine Land and Construction Budget

  • Understanding the lending process is vital and will also help you establish a budget. Contact our preferred lender for quick and easy construction loan preapproval:

Cheryl Freeman at 703-217-7500 or visit Cheryl Freeman Group

Step 3: Sign a Services Agreement or Send us your Ratified Lot Contract

  • Tear-down properties do not stay on market for long so you should be able to act quickly when you find the right property. The agreement will put us on call to quickly help you evaluate potential properties.
  • The Services Agreement includes a FREE initial consultation, Free Desk reviews of potential properties, site visits when requested, lot and house fit evaluation, and assessments of potential building properties.
  • If for any reason you decide against building a house with Stanley Martin Custom Homes, any unused balance of the $2,500 deposit will be refunded to you.
  • The terms of the Services Agreement and fees may change without notice so please see the Services Agreement for details of potential cost.
  • In the event that you decide to purchase a lot without entering into a Services Agreement, please send us your lot contract upon ratification.

Step 4: Schedule Your SMCH Free Consultation

  • Schedule your meeting with Stanley Martin Custom Homes.  Contact us at 703.352.3000 or email us.
  • John Jorgenson and Michael Schnitzer, President of Stanley Martin Custom Homes will learn about your needs for a new home.
  • We will review the home building process, preview floor plans, and discuss next steps.
  • We will also discuss the home site selection and other opportunities with you.
  • Before this meeting, it is helpful to look for pictures of home exteriors that you find attractive. Remember, visit our website at www.WeBuildOnYourLot.com  to preview home designs and plans.

Step 5: Property Evaluation

  • We will work with you to evaluate tear down or empty lot’s suitability of building the home of your dreams.

Step 6: Site Visit and Site Analysis

  • We prepare the Site Cost Range, Lot Fit and Lot Coverage Estimate, and a list of Other Factors that may impact building (Soils, RPA, etc.).
  • We contact you to discuss and review the information and answer your questions.

Step 7: Investigate Other Factors, if necessary

  • Your email authorizes investigation of Other Factors, such as soils, RPA, water tables, utilities, etc., etc.

Step 8: Purchase lot or continue your search

FREE Consultation For Lot Owners

Please fill out the form to schedule your FREE consultation. One of our team members will contact you shortly.

FREE Consultation for Lot Owners