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Stanley Martin Custom Homes | Model Homes

So one of the advantages among many that we have as a boutique builder who dovetails on Stanley Martin production is Stanley Martin as a large entity has many many furnished model homes throughout the metropolitan area and many of our customers enjoy the the ability to look at a plan that they may see you online but then go visit a community and viscerally get a sense for the space. One other advantage is they'll be able to see what professional designers have done to the space in terms of decorating and different features to give you an idea of other things that you can do. Stanley Martin as a large builder we again we dovetail on that, we do modify as our customers may request any of the plans whether it's the inside of the home whether it's the exterior of the home we want to make [...]

Stanley Martin Custom Homes | Plats

All right so I'm gonna just chat a little bit about plats and why they're so important. When we are trying to support you during the sales phase a plat will give us the ability to determine exactly what size home will fit on your property so before your first meeting it's a really good idea to send a plat over so we can get it to our back office. Generally speaking our back office will analyze your plat they'll scale it so if it's not to scale they'll scale it and they'll let us know at your first meeting exactly what size home will fit on the property. Now there could be easements and there could be other factors that we may not be aware of at the beginning stages of the transaction that can affect the building envelope but without a plat we're kind of swinging in [...]

Our “On Your Lot” Custom Homes

Stanley Martin Custom Homes is an award-winning home builder in the Washington, DC area.

Building a home on your lot starts with picking a model. We have more than 41 different models with a grid showing information on pricing, square footage, and the number of bathrooms. Additionally, we have brochures, interactive floor plans, and even virtual tours.

You can check out our gallery of models here.

You can also check out our portfolio of customized homes to get an idea of the sort of homes we have built in the past.

We have a tried and true system that is geared toward providing a great experience while bringing you through every step of our process for both lot owners and people who need help finding a lot. Please read the process so we can build a new home on your lot faster. The experts at Stanley Martin Custom Homes will work with you to create a budget and chose a model that is perfect for your family. Assess your property for buildability and help you through the financing process.

We can build a custom home on your lot in the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, and Montgomery (Maryland). Additionally, we can build a home in the Virginia independent cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas, and Manassas Park. We cover popular towns such as Vienna, McLean, Leesburg, and Bethesda.

Our History

Stanley Martin Custom Homes was founded in 1998 by Steven B. Alloy and Michael Schnitzer. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stanley Martin Homes, who has represented the best in Washington, DC area Homebuilding since 1966. Notably, the decorated Stanley Martin Communities of the mid-Atlantic region feature a lot of our custom homes. Moreover, we dovetail off Stanley Martin Homes and leverage their buying power. In addition, we use their architectural plans, accounting department, and purchasing department. Long & Foster real estate agent John Jorgenson joined Stanley Martin Custom Homes in 2006 as the sales partner.

Our Staff

Michael Schnitzer, President of Stanley Martin Custom Homes

Michael Schnitzer has over 30 years experience in building, has managed the construction of over 2,000 homes, and has won the Professional Builder Magazine award for “Best Home Built in America.”

As you can see from our videos, Michael Schnitzer can explain the various nuances of many different topics such as customized floor planoutdoor terrace spacescustom home elevatorsnatural gasI-beams, and much more!

John Jorgenson, Sales Partner of Stanley Martin Custom Homes

John Jorgenson has been working with Stanley Martin Custom Homes since 2006. He is also a top-producing and award-winning REALTOR® for Long & Foster specializing in Northern Virginia as well as Montgomery County, Maryland.

Notably, John is the number 1 New Homes Agent for Long and Foster REALTORS® since 2008, a Top 5 Long and Foster Agent since 2011, and an NVAR Lifetime Residential Top Producer.

Furthermore, you can “like” John Jorgenson on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.




“Building a custom home can be like a root canal: no matter what, the process is going to be painful. Stanley Martin is the nitrous oxide: they transform an experience that’s inherently anxiety provoking and difficult and painful into one that’s pretty much pleasant. I credit that to their amazing staff: Everyone was competent, patient and at every turn, demonstrably willing to move heaven and earth to satisfy.” — Falls Church Resident, October 2019

“Having built multiple homes here in the Mid-Atlantic region, SMCH far and away exceeded all expectations. The two main differences: professional communication (documents, emails, calls, texts, outlined processes), and qualtiy management (experience, materials pipeline, trades oversite, built process, problem resolution, upgrade/change order process and implementation). Pricing is more than competitive, quality materials; friendly, well-qualified staff at every step (land purchase, design, build, warranty management). If you don’t consider them as one of your options, you’re making a mistake!” — Manassas Resident, January 2019




Do you build in the same locations as the Stanley Martin Communities?2019-04-30T13:26:55+00:00

We do not build in all of the locations that the Stanley Martin Communities do, however we do build in Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, and Montgomery County. We also cover the five Virginia independent cities of Alexandria, Fairfax City, Falls Church, Manassas, and Manassas Park.

Can I make changes to your models?2018-05-16T19:52:15+00:00

Absolutely! Our models already come with many options available, but we can also customize further. Your ideas can be discussed with Michael Schnitzer, President of Stanley Martin Custom Homes, at your first meeting.

What is the overall time frame?2018-05-16T19:48:01+00:00

Our homes are built in 5-7 months. Roughly 4-6 months to start construction, depending on the jurisdiction and utilities.

How do I start?2018-03-15T15:45:14+00:00

For more information, call our sales office at 703-352-3000 or visit our contact page to send us an email or sign up for our mailing list to be alerted of our Meet the Builder and Lot Acquisition events.

What is included in the base price?2018-05-14T19:02:09+00:00

The base price of our homes includes elevation A and our standard features.  Please click here to view.  Site work is NOT included in base price.

Why should you choose Stanley Martin Custom Homes over other options?2018-03-15T15:32:42+00:00

We pride ourselves at Stanley Martin Custom Homes on our ability to listen carefully to all of our clients’ needs. Along with our high-quality materials and experts, both in the office and on the site, this shows through our unmatchable attention to detail. Michael Schnitzer, President of Stanley Martin Custom Homes, with over 30 years experience in building, has managed the construction of over 2,000 homes, and he has won the award for Best Home Built in America.

Additionally, between materials, labor and management, building a new home can be more cost efficient than renovating.

Where does Stanley Martin Custom Homes build?2018-08-21T16:08:16+00:00

Stanley Martin Custom Homes is one of the top custom home builders in the Washington, DC area.

Here are the following counties that we cover:

  • Arlington County, Virginia
  • Fairfax County, Virginia
  • Loudoun County, Virginia
  • Prince William County, Virginia
  • Montgomery County, Maryland

Here are the following Virginia independent cities that we cover:

  • Alexandria, Virginia
  • Fairfax, Virginia
  • Falls Church, Virginia
  • Manassas, Virginia
  • Manassas Park, Virginia
What is included in site work?2018-03-15T21:07:52+00:00

Demolition, dirt import/export, sewer/water fees, civil engineering, storm water management, driveways, and landscaping.

Will Stanley Martin Custom Homes manage my site work?2018-03-16T12:05:42+00:00

Yes, Stanley Martin Custom Homes can manage your site work.  However, clients are able to manage their own site work.